Marina Popovichenko
Digital Product Designer & Lecturer
Design is not about moving pixels,
design is about solving problems
Experience in User Interface Design for B2B
8 years
3 years
Experience in consumer projects
12 projects
International Enterprise projects participation
Service provider
Design for the website of Netherland based OTT, Internet and Mobile network provider with hundreds of thousands customers.
VyOS ProNet is a service for those who need a VyOS engineer support on one hand and for engineers who want to provide services on another hand.
Here you can download clickable wireframe
Whooshi player first iteration
A concept of the audio player with a fancy player navigation for a startup. Music player includes a variety of sound effects which are developed in a sound laboratory in collaboration with sound designers. There is also hearing test inside the app. You will also find a hearing test inside the app. It is designed to help people with hearing issues set up / adjust the sound of each headphone as desired (some people have it). Audio player will work perfectly with a portable sound amplifier of the same manufacturer. Will be available on Kickstarter in a couple of weeks.
MAG 410

MAG 4xx is a new line of powerful set-top boxes based on Android OS.

Consumers set-top boxes needed a launcher and a set of most required apps such as MAGic Files, MAGic Cast, MAGic Video, MAGic Audio, MAGic Store, set-up wizard and MAGic Browser.
Ministra (ex. Stalker Middleware)

Ministra is an environment for building OTT business from scratch. Customer can become an OTT/IPTV provider in a week or even less. Ministra Platform consists of Admin panel, TV apps and Mobile apps. All of this is available for a white label.

Admin panel redesign process
On this project as a UX Designer I've redeveloped navigation for existing apps. For example, "Back" button navigation for remote control was needed some rethinking to be used on other platforms (Android TV, Roku).
Smart Launcher 2 for Ministra Platform
Interface for a new Launcher has been designed taking into account the limitations of old devices.
Flow, navigation explanation and specification have been developed for a brand-new Smart Launcher 2.0.

Radaris is a popular people search engine in USA with over 180K views per day.
Using this service people can find any legal information about every person in USA. Some options are free and some are available after purchase.

Previous version of Radaris was quite outdated, so was made a decision to improve user experience for this service:

  • Interface became more friendly for mobile devices users
  • Tons of data were structured.
Daily UI
I took part in a daily UI challenge. Every day I made one new UI :)
Comodo Device Manager

Manage All Devices from One, Centralized Console.

  • Monitor Device Inventory
  • Ensure Device and Data Security
  • Enforce Configurations and Limit Features
  • Monitor Application Inventory
  • Monitor and control user and device access to Corporate mail server
Comodo AntiSpam Gateway (B2B)

Comodo AntiSpam Gateway features a centralized, web based management console which makes it easy for administrators to set up and control spam filtering on networks of any size. Administrators can quickly add users and domains, configure mail blacklists and whitelists, manage quarantined emails and configure multiple users groups and permissions. Comodo Antispam Gateway features a comprehensive reporting system and also provides each employee with a login that allows them to manage their quarantined mail.

For first version of AntiSpam Gateway I drew about 58 icons. Tons of pages were designed for this project.
Comodo Certificate Manager (B2B)

Certificate Manager is a powerful tool to manage digital certificates. The overwhelming majority of customers are Universities. Comodo is also the largest issuer of SSL certificates with a 44% market share on 13.9% of all web domains.

I made a few steps of redesign for this Enterprise project, because redesign for live project which is the most important for the company should be made very carefully. These changes had very good feedback from users.
Comodo Network Center (B2B)
Comodo Network Center was easy to use web application for manage OS on different computers at the same time. This project was my debut in UI design.
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