Marina Popovichenko
UX Product Designer & Lecturer
Design is not about moving pixels,
design is about solving problems
Experience in User Interface Design for B2B
8 years
3 years
Experience in consumer projects
14 projects
International Enterprise projects participation
My expertise
Enterprise services from business to business which administrate business needs for different roles of users
Streaming Service
Live TV streaming services such as experience design for Live TV, Video on Demand, set-top box UXD application design and logic
Internet Security
UX Design for Administration services for Certificate management, PCI Certification, Device management, AntiSpam management
Crossplatform UX Design
Familiar with guidelines for a Desktop, Mobile (iOS and Android), Web responsive (Desktop and Mobile) and Smart TV platforms
UX Review
Review of an existing application or a website. The smartest way is to do a review before the change everything. Sometimes small changes are enough to make things better.
Analysis Process
Definition of Pains, Painkillers, Gains, User Testing — everything which could help to design a good product. Specification, use cases — to work with the development team.

Lectures & Articles
Two types of cost-effective and easy usability tests
An article about how to conduct cheap and easy usability tests in case of lack of time and resources
Usability testing workshop
Worksop for UI/UX Designers, managers and product people
Web Design course at Beetroot Academy
Additional lectures and workshops
Prototyping for managers
This article was picked as one of the top 2018 for Managers at
How to became a Designer
An article at most popular Ukraine portal for developers
User Interface Design for Smart TV
Lecture at IT School "Projector Odessa"
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Marina Popovichenko
UX/Product Designer & Lecturer

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