Admin side UX redesign
Ministra (ex. Stalker) is an environment for growing OTT business (Live TV, Video on demand, etc) from scratch.
Customer can become an OTT/IPTV provider in a week or even less.
Goals of redesign

1. Make a path to important parts shorter

What is definition of importance? In case of impossibility to collect statistics it is customer feedback and interviews.

For admins: do their work easily, avoid to make mistakes.
For marketing department: ability to collect feedback, send notifications.

Admins side
Pain 1: no opportunity to publish/unpublish the channel in one click.
Solution: intuitive toggle which is always visible in the table of channels.
Pain 2: when you run the channel monitoring you don't know whenever it finished, so you wanted to see some notification.
Solution: make notification section in header.

Pain 3: when you are a new customer you don't know the meaning of some words in this system, so you need to understand it without ours of googling.
Solution: include "faq" section for topics of this page to UI.

Pain 4: when you need to select and make changes with more than one channel you unable to do it, so would be great to not spend time for every channel (what if there are 100 channels?)
Solution: multiple select for multiple actions.

Pain 5: when you want to check where TV Archive option is on you need some time to read the text, so you want to make it in a faster way.
Solution: replace text with icon (the same as on b2c part).

Marketers side
Pain: as a marketer you need to promote new versions of apps or some features, but email can be cut by the spam filter, so you need a shorter way to the admins.
Solution: use in-app notifications to promote some things to admins.
Pain: as a marketer you need to collect feedback from users, but nobody wanted to spend time to share it, so you need some way to get this info.
Solution: instead of push users with notifications again and again I proposed to use the photo of product manager next to the text message. Instead of an illustration. Photo works better when you want to show that the product developed by real people. So about 150 people shared their feedback after this design was implemented.

Adding movie or TV series
Pain: when you need to add movies or TV series you have to add info, save, then open and edit, then save, add screenshots > save, add episodes > save. So as an admin you need to add all of the info as soon as possible.
Solution: put all of this functionality together in a step by step wizard.
Work as a team
Design team: in this case concept of XYZ players worked much better than with designers with equal skills. Everyone had his own area of responsibilities. I listened to the interviews with customers, shared with the team my notes and we decided what to add to the backlog.
Sprint: on a planning sessions we decided what to move to a sprint from the backlog. We usually use whiteboard, confluence, redmine and a trello kanban board.
What have I learned from this project?

It is very important to find the way to conduct interviews with real users and test hypothesis on them. Making Personas it is not the same as talking with real users. Showing to the users that product team are alive people who need some help increases loyalty.