ProNet is a Service for VyOS engineers and clients who want
to hire the engineer and setup or support VyOS network
Why this product should be created?

There are two types of persons who need ProNet:
1. Client
2. Engineer

To define what should it be I would recommend to use Personas and Value Proposition Canvas.
Job: 1. Search for a VyOS administrator, 2. Contact him, 3. Call him to help, 4. Make a deal.
Pain: 1. Don't know where to find, 2. Administrator might be not available at this moment, 3. Don't know who is better between N persons, 4. Scary to cooperate with a single person.
Gain: 1. Administrator is found, 2. Contacted with the VyOS Administrator, 3. Issue is resolved, 4. VyOS provider company is found

Products & services:1. Database with VyOS administrators, 2. Contact him via service by call or a private message, 4. Negotiation throughout the service messaging with sign "Approved".
Pain reliever: 1. Service with a base of all of VyOS administrators, so client knows where to search, 2. Working hours badge in the UI 24/7, 8/7 can help you to know who is available, 3. Rating stars helps you to make the right choice, 4. Client can see is it Personal account or a Company .
Gain creators: 1.We gather VyOS administrators in one network, so it's easy to find the right specialist, 2. In ProNet client can easily find and contact the administrator by private message or by phone, 3. There are a lot of engineers are available, client can filter it by region, city, rating, type or working hours and fix his issue, 4. There are Companies are available at the ProNet, so client can make a deal with them.

VyOS — a virtual router.
ProNet — web-service, portal with a base of individual engineers and companies.
Individual — is a single person service provider.
Company — consists of more than one VyOS engineer.
Partner — is an engineer of the service.
Roles — granted permissions.
Registered, Pro, Master — different roles of partners.
User story1:As a client, I want to see the rating of an engineer, so that I can pick the best one.

Acceptance criteria:
- mandatory function of rating system for engineers
- only logged in client is able to evaluate the engineer's work
- show rating from 1 to 5 points on the engineer's card
- show the quantity of those who rated

User story2:As a client, I want to filter the engineers by theirs rating, so that I can pick the best engineer faster.

Acceptance criteria:
- provide facets with a rating of satisfaction

User story3:As a client, I want to find the service supplier who is available 24/7, so that I can get help immediately.

Acceptance criteria:- provide facets with work hours
- add a mandatory field "working hours" in a registration form
- add "working hours" to the short card with the information about the VyOS service supplier
- add "working hours" to the extended card with the information about the VyOS service supplier
Here you can download a clickable wireframe

What have I learned from this project?

Every project is different and exciting. As for me — it was very interesting to investigate how to monetize service like this.