Whooshi player User research
Music player with a smart hearing test

Infomir is going to produce a brand-new portable amplifier and a software solution — music player with binaural capability.

Do research about people's preferences in the way how people listen to music.
Make a list of competitors and compare.
Define a list of required functionality for the Music player.
Do prototypes.

So I started with a survey to define which music player is most popular, to understand do people know about portable sound amplifiers and define target audience.

I studied user requests on most popular forums with regard to music players functionality.

Then I started to validate hypotheses to define requirements.

"People usually listen to music with tablets"
False. The most popular device is a smartphone. It means we will not develop the app for a tablet unless it's we have enough time and resources.
"People (2017, Ukraine) usually listen to music from embedded storage"
False. The most popular music player apps were... drumroll... players with subscription.
Apple Music — 21.3%
Google Music — 16.4%
Sound Cloud — 18%

What does it mean and how can I use it?
Now I can define some part of functionality with user stories.
As a user
I want to listen to music from my favorite service
So that I can use my own subscription with a list of songs

Before I got this data I had a blank list, but now it's possible to provide requirements description such as compatibility with popular services (Apple Music, Google Music, Sound Cloud), show favorite lists and libraries in "Binaural player" interface.

How to define what color to use for the UI? Ask when people usually listen to music from mobile devices. The most popular answer was "In the evening", so let it be dark.

Using gathered data I defined color, requirements and main functionality.

During my User research I realized sad thing: almost nobody was interested in binaural effects or portable amplifier. It means the niche of this product is not mass market. To involve average person we need another unique selling proposition.

1. Binaural effects with vibrant animation
2. Binaural hearing test with personalized profile
3. Screenshoter for sharing

For the third one USP the UI of this player should be unique. So I started my prototyping journey.

It was so exciting to do User research for Whooshi player. I was happy to participate on the first stage of this project. Whooshi player was the first project where I tried the role of UX Business Analyst. I believe the data I collected, the requirements I documented were a good basement to create a good product.

What have I learned from this project?

Decisions must be based on data.